Template Proposal

This section covers the required areas for a Proposal to the EtherOrcsDAO.

Required Areas:

Title: [Crisp title - Meaningfully short]
Author/s: [Discord handle with ID]
Working Group/Guild Affiliated: [State If this came from a working group/guild]
Date Created: [Add data created]

Summary: In this section, provide a breif summary of the proposal. Two to three sentences is where you want to be here.

Motiviation: How does this proposal meet the goals and vision of the DAO? How does this proposal add value to the DAO? Is there a problem statement this proposal is solving?

Scope of Work: Start with an outline of the work to be done. Bullet points work well too. Be realistic.

Then dive into the details, in the work required to complete execution of all asks in this proposal. If there are needs for Smart Contracts to be updated, provide all necessary data enabling members of the DAO to fully research all working parts

Financial Implications: If the proposal needs funding please indlude detailed information about the levels of funding. Indclude measures taken to be accountable back to the DAO in a timely manner for how funds are being used, etc.

Brand Usage: If this proposal talks about an entity that is not the EtherOrcs DAO, using the EtherOrcs brand, please expand in detail upon how they will use it.

Metrics and KPIs: How will this proposal and it's efforts be measured? What cadence will the group who executes this proposal, report back on status to the DAO?