Operating Model
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EtherOrcs DAO Operating Model

This section is devoted to the important operating aspects of the EtherOrcs DAO. This area is meant to be a living, breathing space where as the DAO evolves, so to does it's operating model.

Changes to the operating model must be ratified by the DAO through a proposal and vote. They will be stored in the table below, and can be tied back to the blockchain immutably, holding all parties accountable to current accepted operating status.

Snapshot IDDateDescriptionLink
0xb6978247b0b67e0d3f3af535034f8f7115cf9b123acdf9dd416ac5dbe8deb8043/13/2023-3/17/2023This is the first operating model for EO DAO Ratified[SnapShot Link Here] (https://snapshot.org/#/etherorcsdao.eth/proposal/0xb6978247b0b67e0d3f3af535034f8f7115cf9b123acdf9dd416ac5dbe8deb804 (opens in a new tab))