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Working Groups

Working groups

This section is for working groups including what they are, how the EtherOrcs DAO will use them, when they spin up/down, and what is their outcome.

What is a working group?

A working group, is when 3-5 community members come together to complete a task or set of tasks. A task can be a simple question, or it can be a complex web of questions.

How does the EtherOrcs DAO Plan to use Working groups?

The EtherOrcs DAO plans to use working groups often, as a tool to solve problems, produce documentation/research, and execute asks from the DAO.

When do Working groups Spin up and Spin down?

The decision is made to create a working group during all DAO meetings. It can be called out/asked for by any member of the community. It is then ratified by a member of the war council based on:

  • How many other working groups are currently in flight?
  • Has someone volunteered to chair it?

If someone has volunteered to chair this working group and it does not present an undue burden upon the DAO (too many working groups in flight) the war council chair will state it being stood up, and assign a war council member as it's co-chair.

What is their outcome?

The outcome of working groups can vary from a document, to a simple answer, to execution of code. The outcome will be shared with the DAO via Discord and verbally in an All DAO meeting.


Working groups are expected to provide read-outs during the All-DAO weekly meeting. If nothing has occured since the last All-DAO meeting, that is an acceptable status update while sprints are occuring. Status will be expected to be moving forward every All DAO meeting.

Operating Working groups

See here for additional data on participating and chairing working groups. (opens in a new tab)