Operating Model
War Band

The EtherOrcs DAO War Band

This section is for the War Band. It will explain what it is, why it exists, and what are it's responsibilities.

What is the War Band?

The War Band is a group of eleven community members whose job is to review proposals and present a recommendation back to the DAO.

Why does it exist

The War Band exists as one part of our two part democracy. The War Band is comprised of individuals with technical and personal experiences that position them to objectively review proposals presented by the community. This review, is the safety net to Consensus Flow approach we have adopted. It places a higher burden on the War Band while simultaniously decreasing the burden on the EtherOrcs DAO Community.

War Band Responsibilities

The War Band's primary responsibilities lie in it's recommendation to the DAO, after reviewing proposals. The War Band will meet in an ad-hoc basis. It will be organized by a member of the Wqar Council who holds the War Band Chair title. This title is agreed upon by the War Council and given to one of it's members, who they deem a good candidate to own this chair.

The recommendation back to the DAO will be one of the following:

RecommendationWhat does it mean?
AttackThis is a proposal the Community should approve
RetreatThis is a proposal the Community should reject
DefendThis is a proposal the Community should defer