Operating Model

An Introduction to Guilds

This section is for Guilds. What are they? What do they do? How does the EtherOrcs DAO plan to utilize them?

What is a Guild?

There are multiple different definitions and uses for the word guild. For the EtherOrcs DAO, a guild is a group of people who share a passion and technical knowledge/capability of a skillset and form around that skillset to establish best practicies, SOPs, and roadmaps. Two examples of guilds are a developers guild and a lore guild.

What do Guilds do? How are they different from working groups?

A guilds primary responsibility is to be a soundboard to it's participants, in the discipline the guild is established. It gives the community and it's participantes a place to openly talk about challenges they are facing, changes occuring in the wild as they relate to the discipline, and things the DAO should be doing in relation to the discipline.

Guilds differ from Working groups in that Guilds exist perpetually, whereas working groups are stood up to complete a task, and disband. Guilds can be utilized by working groups to help solve problems, and equally guilds may ask working groups to come present findings, as they pertain the the discipline the guild is founded upon.

How will the EtherOrcsDAO utilize Guilds?

The EtherOrcs DAO will aspire to have enough participation within the community where guilds of disciplines will organically form. Over time, community members will find that technical clarity and a center of excellence would accelerate activities occuring within the DAO, and that standing up a guild will help in both of those areas. Guilds will provide direction and a source of technical knowledge and historical perspective, enabling and empowering community members to succeed in their working groups.