Operating Model
War Council

War Council (Steering Comittee)

This section is devoted the War Council. What is it? Why does it exist? How does it operate? Who serves on it? What power do they have?

What is the War Council

The War Council is an elected group of community members who volunteer to serve the DAO.

Why does the War Council exist?

The War Council serves two primary purposes.

The first, is that it's a smaller grouping, through which outside entities/organizations can interface into the DAO. A smaller vector to engage with operations in the WEB2 world is often needed (think web hosting, etc). This is a leadership group focused on stewarding the EtherOrcs community forward.

The second, is that the War Council is a the gasoline, keeping the DAO's motor running. Responsible for overseeing day to day operations of the DAO and it's assets. Manual handling of any funds, permissions delegation for working group activities, etc.

How does it operate?

The War Council would have a private category within the EtherOrcsDAO that encompasses all information in discussion. Conversations in this space are to remain private and for use by the War Council. They would meet twice a week and talk about the efforts ongoing within the EtherOrcsDAO and what help is needed to remove roadblocks, what proposals are being evaluated/should be evaluated, and anything else that needs to be covered.

Size7 MembersThe number seven is a healthy mix of differing opinions, life experiences and an odd number, preventing stalemates
Term Length6 MonthsThis is the amount of time a community member serves on the War Council
Consecutive Terms2 TermsThis is the amount of consecutive terms a community members can serve on the War Council
ApplicationVolunteeredCommunity members must submit their application to serve on the War Council, they cannot be forced or recommended into an election
Being ChosenElected through a proposalTwice a year, a Proposal is submitted with all community members who volunteer to serve on the War Council
Voting methodQuadratic VotingThis method of voting allows for community members to distribute up to 100% across any number of options. This method of voting empowers unique wallets over large holdings of assets
When do they meet2 times a weekThere is a burden on the War Council to stay in sync with each other, and the pulse of the community. The best way to do this, is with consistent communication

What responsibilities do the War Council have?!

The War Council has several responsibilities:

  • Run the All-DAO weekly meeting
  • Submit Proposals on Snapshot.org
  • Keeping working groups in their area of expertise operating including breaking through road-blocks
  • Providing temporary, elevated permissions to community members, who have been tasked with completing asks approved by proposals
  • Bringing to the DAO, anything that needs to be addressed via the All-DAO meeting, proposals, social updates, etc.
  • Being a social face/figure for the EtherOrcs DAO. Being responsible and measured in responses when dealing with community members and external individuals
  • Selecting individuals to function on the War Band (More to come on this in the Governance section)