Proposals in the EtherOrcs DAO

This section is for explaiing how proposals will be drafted, discussed, submitted, voted on, and acted upon for the EtherOrcs DAO

Drafting a Proposal

We aspire to have an autonomous system that handles proposals in the future. In the Short term we will provide guidance that should be followed, to allow a proposal to flow through the system.

Important factors to consider when drafting a proposal:

  • What are you asking for from the community?
  • What does this proposal provide to the community?
  • Are you asking for funds? If so:
    • Elaborate/articulate crisply what the funds will go to
    • How will you report to the DAO, where funds are going?

Discussing a Proposal with the EtherOrcs DAO Community

Once you have the bones of a proposal that you would like to discuss with the community, please head to the EtherOrcs DAO Discord (opens in a new tab) and navigate to the DAO Discussions Section.

Create a new thread and title it Proposal: NameOfProposalHere. Add all the relevant information and then create the thread. Please then share this in the General Chat section of discord, so the community knows it is ready for discussion.

Submission process for proposals

There are three parts to the Proposal Submission process for the EtherOrcs DAO

Submission for review by the War Band

After creating a proposal, discussing it openly with the community, and seeing no significant objections a proposal can be submitted to the War Band (opens in a new tab) for review.

Click here to Submit a Proposal (opens in a new tab)

Here is a Proposal Template (opens in a new tab)
Here is a Proposal Sample (opens in a new tab)

After Submitting your proposal, the War Band will add a task to the Dework board to review it within standard SLA (2 weeks). If your proposal needs immediate attention and/or is time sensitive, please reflect that in the Urgency field of your Proposal submission.

Here's a natural flow of a proposal:

Voting on Proposals

If the War Band chooses to Attack a proposal, the War Council will schedule the proposal for a DAO wide vote. The data around the vote will be shared by the War Council within Discord.

All DAO members who hold EtherOrcs Genesis Orcs will be able to vote, including their assets on Ethereum(L1), Polygon(L2), and Stakes on Polygon(L2) in the EtherOrcs Gaming contracts.

Executing Proposals

After a proposal is approved by the DAO on the War Council will move out to have it executed. Whether it is a mandate for the community, changes in discord or another third party tool, a change to serverside code, a smart contract update, or anything else, the War Council will lead the effort on getting the approved proposal executed in a timely and safe manner, as approved for within the proposal.