Sample Proposal

This section covers the required areas for a Proposal to the EtherOrcsDAO.

Sample Proposal:

Title: Collaboration - Cheese Wheel to DAO
Author/s: Phaelon#9270
Working Group/Guild Affiliated: Cheese Guild - Working group 5: Send one wheel of Cheese to all DAO members
Date Created: 4/10/2023

This is a proposal to collaborate with Wisconsin Cheese, LLC. Using DAO Treasury funds for shipping only, Wisconsin Cheese, LLC. will send a wheel of cheese to all DAO members who participate in a Snapshot vote to validate wallets.

Wisconsin Cheese, LLC. is a huge fan of work the DAO is doing, and wants to reward DAO members with a free cheese wheel. The DAO benefits by getting free cheese (minus shipping fees).

Scope of Work:
We'll put forth a proposal snapshot and all parties wishing to participate will need to vote for it on the SnapShot. After the Snapshot, a trusted party will collect physical addresses where the cheese wheels can be sent, and will then submit a request for funds to pay for shipping. Once funds are approved that party will share the addresses with Wisconsin Cheese, LLC. and the funds for shipping. After that, Wisconsin Cheese will send the cheese to all participants.

Financial Implications:
Shipping feese are expected to be paid for by the DAO. As such, we'll look for approval on fund allocation equal to the cost of shipping.

Brand Usage:
Wisconsin Cheese, LLC. will share in their marketing materials, that they have donated cheese to a DAO. All use of EtherOrcs IP/Assets will be submitted back to the DAO for final approval/say.

Metrics and KPIs:
We'll measure success in every DAO member who participated, has obtained a wheel of cheese.